NOW! For the Second Time


NOW!– a performance art event at Nanyang Technological University- was well-received both as an impromptu performance art infiltration in the.

NOW!- “For the second time.” brings together 10 artists to present performance pieces that question and explore the idea of revisiting. We are physically here now but in a constant state of fading and procession, how does our time here matter to us? Do people see time differently? These are some questions we ask in our performance art making process. And for the audiences, the students and staff of the university, how do they view time and space? Work resumes after the long term break. Perhaps like us, they are also ‘revisiting’?

The plan was to bring the works into a gallery space for a one-day showcase. This acts as documentation as well as opening the possibility of selling performance art. Included in the first NOW! exhibitions were photographs, video, relics and artefacts as well as live performances.

Participating artists for this edition are Chand Chandramohan, Daniela Beltrani, Elizabeth Lim, Grace Jean/Jixuan Zhou, Jacquelyn Soo, Jason Lee, Kelvin Atmadibrata, Li Cassidy-Peet, Malvina Tan, Marla Bendini and Teow Yue Han. Curated by Marla Bendini.


Event Details
date: 31 August 2011, Wednesday, 12-4pm
space: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Participating Artists

12.00pm Kelvin Atmadibrata (Durational performance til 4pm)

12.00pm- Daniela Nvda Veritas Beltrani (durational performance til 2.30pm)

12.30pm Marla Bendini

1.00pm- Grace Jean & Zhou Jixuan

1.30pm- Li Cassidy-Peet

1.30pm- Chand Chandramohan

2.00pm- Jason Lee

2.00pm- Elizabeth Lim

2.30pm- Teow Yue Han

3.00pm- Jacklyn Soo

3.45pm- Malvina Tan


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